Most Used Plugin List , Part 1

These are most essential plugins, why WP guys don’t add this by default??

I ‘m working with WordPress for 4 years, in these years I was involved in different types of projects. Some were Simple websites, some bit complex. Business, portfolio or E-commerce or any purpose. In these sites, I have used different types of plugins. I made a shortlist of plugins which I use very frequently. I think I have around 100 plugins name in my head, but I put 10 plugins here and made the post name Part – 1.

Updraft: The most used plugin is an updraft. Easy to create backups. I use it almost on every project

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security): A perfect solution for website security. I use it almost all projects. With this we can change default wp login url (To prevent DDOS attack) , file directory change, salt key chane, database prefix change and many tweaks to redue hack attempts

Hide My Site: I use this plugin when site is under construction. Instead of a Coming Soon Page, i use it unless my cluents have different choice. With a simple password, visitor can see the site progress.

Child Theme Configurator: Whenever we do modification to our theme a must thing is to do it in a child theme. Before I found this plugin I use to do all the process menually. Simply remove it after child theme is created.

Simple Custom CSS: For simple css change or JS snippet adding , I just use it.

WP Clone by WP Academy: For copy a website or do a migration, I use it. It works nicely only for small size site. Fir larger site , I use Duplicator.

Duplicate Page & Post: In every project we have similar layout pages or post. I use this plugin to copy page.

File Manager: To drive into root directory. I prefere to use FTP instead of this. But most often FTP is not avilable so this is the life savour.

These are few for now, I will speak about some more plugins in next part.

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